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Recycled T-Shirt Round Rug
November 8, 2012
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Shibori Indigo Dyed Bag
January 13, 2016
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Still here!


Life has been as busy as ever since my last post.  In April I went on a basket weaving course which was excellent – I have made a few rather wonky baskets or should I say rustic!  I now have a bag of sticks soaking in the garden so that I can have another go tomorrow.

I also currently have a batch of cider bubbling away on the draining board, two demijohns of Rhubarb wine in the spare bedroom and plans to start a batch of Elderflower wine next week as the flowers are just starting to open.  I was very dubious last year when I had my first go at Hedgerow style wine making but the Rhubarb wine was very crisp and had a delicate flavour.  On checking the box of Elderflower recently I found that several of the bottles had popped their corks so I will bottle them this year in Ginger beer style bottles – again the flavour was good with a bit of fizz.

Mostly however I have been creating items for the Craft Stall that my friend Bridget and I had last Saturday but more of that later….