Too Many Projects!

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January 14, 2016
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Too Many Projects!


At the beginning of January David Bowie passed away – not an obvious link to my projects I agree.  However this sad event started a flurry of correspondence between my sister and her school friends. It made me think of my school friends – we were not so good at keeping in touch.  I remember one friend, Libby, coming to visit us when we were living in Germany. I was showing her the various projects that I was working on and suddenly she said “why don’t you finish one of them!”  After she had gone home I did indeed finish a sampler I had been working on for at least two years. Back to the present I am afraid to say that if Libby dropped in I would be embarrassed to admit to the number of unfinished projects I have.  I therefore decided that my priority is to complete projects and make use materials that I have in my stash.

finishing projects

finishing cord

I have been quite busy and have already finished the cord and lace scarf  (the scarf is made from handspun Alpacha yarn that I then space dyed light blue), plus another scarf that is knitted in Rowan Kidsilk Haze that is very lacy and light.

Unfortunately however many projects there may be that should be finished there are other projects that are limited by the season and one of these was to make a basket from hedgerow material. I did make a small basket for a friend from her hedge trimmings last summer but it wasn’t particularly successful.  All the advice that I read suggested that hedgerow material should be cut during the winter and would have the best colour after some frost. I set about pruning anything that was straight and flexible in the garden. I also cut our Snowberry hedge right back in the hope that next year it will produce a good selection of material! For the base I used Hazel, a mixture of Willow and Cornus.  I had hoped to use Hazel rods for the sides but too many split when I was bending them.  I therefore used basic buff Willow for the framework and a selection of winter flowing Jasmine, Snowberry, Viburnum and Willow as weavers and Cornus, Hazel and Willow for the handle.hedgerow basket 2

hedgerow basket 1

I love the rustic quality of the basket but will see whether I need to give it a hair cut after I have used it for a few times.