Farmers Market and Craft Fair

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March 3, 2016
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June 6, 2017
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Farmers Market and Craft Fair

Farmers market

Ok so in my last blog I was hoping to concentrate on completing projects and in some respects I was successful. However it was Spring and therefore the fresh Willow season!  I ordered in a selection of different Willow varieties and spent a few weeks making lots of baskets.  After a while the baskets were actually looking like I had planned that they would when I started – a great step forward.Craft Fair May 16

I now have more baskets than I need for myself so decided it was time to make a greater effort to find some selling opportunities.  I found a local Craft Fair advertised so with my friend Bridget we set up and had a great time catching up but sadly not many sales. Then recently I set up at Burwell Farmers’ Market (sadly no Bridget for this one) taking my spinning wheel as a useful icebreaker. I think that the crafts that I produce would be more popular to sell at events nearer to Christmas but I enjoyed the Farmers’ Market and will definitely be going back. One positive thing is that I have plenty of stock or to be frank my sales have only just covered the costs of the tables! I have met some lovely people, had lots of positive comments and thoroughly enjoyed chatting about my crafts and hopefully encouraged some to have a go themselves.

Back to the loom next, really looking forward to doing some weaving.