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July 10, 2016
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April 15, 2018
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Weaving, Baskets and Fabric Dyes

Today the weather is set to be miserable so I thought I would write about some of the projects that I have been working on this year and help to brighten the day.

Winding the warp


I have managed to spend some time in the shed weaving a couple of scarves. The latest is a combination of hand spun merino and silk singles and Blue Faced Leicester singles warp with a weft of wool/silk. I was concerned that the warp would be too fragile as I had a thread break as I was warping the loom.  I did consider sizing the warp with a gelatine wash but was too impatient to get the loom threaded!Weaving on loom May 2017

However with a bit of care I only had a couple of breakages and am really pleased with the finished scarf.

Cutlery basket 3

Prototype in foreground + base for basket


I was asked to make a basket to fit in a cutlery drawer, something that I haven’t attempted before but I love a challenge.  I set out to make a prototype and work out how I would make the divisions. Also to practice making a rectangular basket as I have only made two before using fresh willow.

Cutlery basket 4

Finished Basket

Fabric Dyeing

A couple of years ago I went to fabric dyeing workshop and have always intended to have another go. Finally I made up the thickening gel and got my dyes ready.  I had already pretreated the fabric by soaking it in washing soda.  The fabric is printed using a silk screen with a vilene screen resist.

Screen printing 1

Starting to print

Screen printing 2

Random placement of prints before fabric is flooded with dye

Screen printing 3The colour is built up and finally the fabric is saturated with blocks of dye. At this point you have to have patience and leave the material rolled up in a bin liner in a plastic bag in the bottom of an airing cupboard. It is then washed and voila ….. now what am I going to make with it?